Which is Better Adsense or Media.net for Website?

February 13, 2019

Recent time has seen exponential growth within the digital advertising system. Adsense is a Google-powered Site which provides his Publishers Contextual Ads which they can add to their site or YouTube channel to earn money. As many views that many earnings. Now Adsense is in trending as none company can compete is but when there was not Adsense then who was there?? 

As you know Adsense is a Google product/Site which provides Advertisers to promote their products on other's sites. And The peoples who publish advertisers products on their site is known as Publishers. As you read Upward that Adsense is a Trending Marketplace for Advertisers and publishers as More than 2 million peoples have chosen it.

Image result for adsense is chosen by more than 2 million peoples

As you can see in the upper image that 2 Million + peoples have chosen it means something will be there in Adsense. To know all these things let's start Our first Topic.


Why is Adsense More popular Than Media.net

The reason why Adsense is more popular is because of Several Reasons-:
  1. Good revenue Share with Publishers.
  2. Nice and Good Ads
  3. CPM and RPM Rates
  4. No Minimum Traffic
So, Today we will talk about all these Reason with telling also of media.net

 Good revenue Share with Publishers

AdSense is used to show content advertisements, the publishers receive 68 of the revenue. If the network is employed primarily for search then the publishers get 51. the remainder of the share is kept by Google in recognition of the service provided. the proportion of revenue that media.net shares with the publishers is unknown, as of now. We’ll update this as before long as we get to know it. As it known as the Media.net Kept more than 70% with it that's why these never Reveal their earnings.

 Good Ads and Quality Of Ads

Google AdSense is a big network that contains a reachability through the whole globe. It displays advertisements of top quality on its platform for all of the users. they need variety of ad formats which has show, text, link ads, and native ad formats. in addition, the network has options like auto ads that scans the web pages and place ads across locations that tends to perform higher (the technology uses machine learning) and facilitate publishers keep revenue. Page level ads additionally kind an integral a part of AdSense’s giving and its commitment to assist publishers increase ad revenue from mobile traffic. Since Media.net stresses totally on the traffic coming from USA,Canada and UK, they show high-quality advertisements for them. For the traffic that comes from different countries, the ads aren't contextually well targeted. Media.net runs on a hybrid model that could be a mixture of CPC, CPM, cpa etc and their discourse text ads work on double-click. So, publishers can only earn if the second click is made by the visitor that lets him land to the advertiser web site. The popular ad formats include show banners and mobile sticky units. And it Doesn't allow the blogs or sites which are written in another language except English,Canadian.

 CPM and RPM Rates

AdSense offers high CPM rates in the vary of USD 1 to 3. the typical rate for niche websites belong between USD 5 to 10 and for competitive niches with high CPC, the overall page rate can go as high as $30. we've seen plenty of publishers creating USD 30 to USD 50 per one thousand page views on their web site that area unit targeted towards architectural drawing, floor paints, insurance, Android, APK, and more.


Media.net provides a CPM of around USD 1-2. the typical rate for 10,000 page views is around USD 10. It's similar to that provided by the AdSense network for a few niches. It's to be mentioned here that there are publishers who keep revenue from this ad network and generally the CPM rates are often quite what AdSense offers. However, several have same that they need received zero rate which is due to 2 factors. Firstly, your web site doesn’t have substantial USA traffic Secondly, the niche isn't a product based where Media.net tends to perform better Also, since Media.net may be a platform for the discourse ad internetwork, you’ll see zero earnings if the keywords of your content don't match with those required by the advertisers. beneath those case, it's recommended that you just drop the ads from media.net account. we've got seen publishers creating as high as $300 daily from Media.net from their websites thus we will vouch for the quality of the ad network. we strongly recommend that you just provide Media.net a try.

No Minimum Traffic

AdSense doesn't pose any minimum traffic demand for you to become a publisher. the only condition is that you simply must be frequently posting substantial content associated with the advertisements on your web site. Also, for several publishers across Asia, there has to be decent content before you'll be able to apply for AdSense or your application may get rejected thanks to “insufficient content”.

Media.net doesn't mention a selected minimum variety of page views needed to get approval into the network. However, the printed content has to be in English and therefore the traffic ought to be primarily from USA, UK, and Canada. Since most of the advertiser base is from the US, publishers having sensible US traffic will earn from Media.net aboard AdSense. join up with this link to get 10th further revenue from your Media.net earnings for next months. As a thumb rule, we recommend publishers signing up with Media.net to own a minimum of 3k to 5k page views daily.

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